Monday, February 19, 2018

Is This How You Would Be "Acting" After 17 Of Your Classmates Were Massacred?


That's just not normal.

"Forgive us, because we sold them," says African ambassador on possible slave ship find.

The journal of William Foster, the captain of the Clotilda, provides a detailed historical document regarding the slaving operations in Dahomey at the time of his journey.

"Having gotten ashore safely, I met with interpreter who kindly congratulated me and gave me in charge of three natives, who put me in a hammock with canopy and carried me into the city of Whyda, (modern day Ouidah) six miles distant: Upon arrival, I found splendid accommodations for traders. I spent the night in 'Merchant Exchange.' Having breakfasted early I with Cicerone sallied forth to see the city and transact my business with the Prince. Cicerone presented me to the ebony Prince, a man of 250 lbs.
"Presentation consisted of myself and fifty officials, all of whom fell on their knees in acknowledgement of His Majesty. We then partook of social drink, and then I told him my business, that I had nine thousand dollars in gold and merchandise and wanted to buy a cargo of negroes, for which I agreed to pay $100 per head for one hundred and twenty-five. After detaining me for eight days, I thought him purposing my capture."

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tell it brother and tell it ALL!

                                                         Wild Bill on the recent FL school shooting and AR 15 rifles

I first saw this over at It Aint Holy Water

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dementia? Alzheimer's? Schizophrenia? I fear the worst.

It appears AG Jeff Sessions has become the latest victim of DCS (Dixie Chicks Syndrome). DCS is a terrible disease far worse than Dementia, Alzheimer's, or Schizophrenia and it affects millions here in the United States. DCS occurs when the area of the brain which controls a person's factual, logical, and rational thinking processes is overcome by "feel good" emotions. "Feel Good" intentions is by far the most common cause of DCS and one of the most dangerous. However, other factors such as greed (political posturing and contributions) or fear can take hold (blackmail has been known to be a huge contributor/ i.e. "we found that picture of you screwing a goat on top of the Dairy Queen and you say what we tell you or we are going to the press with the pictures" or "what would your wife think if we showed her the photos of you coming out of a motel room with that ________________?") of a person and cause extreme incoherent babbling.  Dixie Chicks Syndrome seems to progress in stages. The most serious and worst form of DCS is the Quisling Syndrome. Some of the symptoms are; abandoning core values, turning against the truth as well as against kith and kin. Complete isolation of the victim and rope seems to be the only known treatment.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III appears to be the latest victim and symptoms indicate he may be in the Quisling stages of the disease. He was overtaken suddenly and the affliction has apparently caused him to not only confuse reality with a Marxist fantasy version of history but to say things that he himself knows to be complete falsehoods. I would like to wish Jeff a speedy recovery, but I feel he may be "too far gone". Watch the video and read the article to see the terrible effects of this disease. 


AG Jeff Sessions: "Slavery, not states rights, caused the civil war"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said slavery and not state's rights or economic differences led to the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil.
Speaking at the Abraham Lincoln Foundation of the Union League of Philadelphia's annual Lincoln Day Celebration, the former Alabama Senator dismissed the idea that the Civil War was more about state's deciding their own destinies than it was about slavery.
"The thing was brewing from the beginning of the Republic," Sessions said. "Though many Southerners try to say otherwise - and I love my people - slavery was the cause of the war. It was not states' rights or tariffs or agrarian versus industrial economies. Those issues were all solvable and would have been solved. The cloud, the stain of human bondage - the buying and selling of human beings - was the unsolvable problem and was omnipresent from the beginning of the country.
"And the failure, the refusal of the South to come to grips with it, really to actually change this immoral system of enslavement led to the explosion," Sessions said. "As to slavery, it had to end. The nation could stand the disgrace no longer."
Sessions, confirmed as AG a year ago this month, has been criticized in the past for his stance on civil rights.